The mentalist

Good evening, everyone.
I’m kawa.
Today, a newcomer came to FESS.
I’m glad we have many newcomers recently.
Last BLOG, Akko-san wrote about American dramas.
Actually, I watch American dramas, too.
My favorite drama is ‘The mentalist’.
The drama is suspenseful story.
Central character is Patrick Jane.
He is very clever and his behave is cynical.
He has a dark past.

That sounds typical. But very interesting.
Simon Baker plays him. He is very cool.
As far as we know, he attract madams all over the world.
Recently, ‘The Mentalist’ 2nd Season started on Super drama TV.
I record it on Thursday.
At end of the drama, he say something.
I hear he said “Say to ~.”. But I don’t understand this sentence.
I checked on the web site.
I knew he said “Stay tuned ~.”.
… I wonder I can correctly hear a sentence in English some day.

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