Are you happy?

I, this is Hide
Recently, the country ranking with a high happiness degree is often said.
It seems to analyze in a scientific method, and totaling the point and to decide the standard of happiness.
Japan and the USA ranking seem to be low.
Then, are you happy?
Today is ‘Age of vanity(むなしさ)’. Now many people are worried with ‘What do we live for ?’
It is only human that worries about this point of ‘The meaning of living and the value of life’. Other animals merely follow one’s instincts and act.

This is an important problem in human’s high dimension.
This is called, ‘Intention to the meaning(意味への意思)’ and is ‘It confronts with feelings that the life is meaningless. ‘
The welfare policy cannot solve this problem.
Capitalism, Communism, and the third world can observe it.
This problem brings to the state of depression, aggressiveness, the dependence syndrome, and the suicide.
Yoshihiko Morotomi(諸富 祥彦)の『生きる意味を求めて―春秋社』に

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