Are you happy ?

Good evening, evryone.
I’m Abby.
Are you happy?…. Yes, I am happy !
Because I met FESS! Of course, FESS is the place you study English but if
you join it you would understand what I mean.
In the FESS, there are some senior (sorry!) members, who had various
experiences in their lives, and to listen their experiences make me excited!
Because their stories are not from any books but from their own experiences.
They lead me another world. Of course there are young members as well and
they give me a lot of energy and ideas to think about things positively.
Do you think I got this idea through English lessons? I wish I could say
yes, I do…..

Actually we go to a drinking bar after the lesson to shake off our tense
from English lesson (laugh). At the bar, we can talk either English or
Japanese, whichever you like, about anything, about English language, life,
today’s happening, etc. etc…..
I learn there not only English language, but also about life, about human
beings, etc. etc…
It is so interesting talking with members !! So when you are asked “Are you
happy?” and your answer is “No, I am not.” Why not dropping in there after
FESS! (Laugh) Talking, drinking, eating with other members make you feel a
bond of human being.
“Vanity of life….???” Let us believe our friendship, shall we !!
See you!!

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