A year have passed since then.

Hi, I’m kawa.
Today from a years ago, you know, the huge natural disaster attacked us.
Please accept my deepest sympathy for victims.
I didn’t get hit so much. And now a day, I can do something as usual.
But many people still have to evacuate.
I sometimes feel sorry for them.
I guess many workers do their best on site.
I appriciate their actions.

But I can’t help being disappointed at the government’s and
Tokyo electric company’s actions.
And I’m disgusted at a person who take advantage of a change for bad things.
Nevertheless, I don’t have any ideas to resolve problems.
I maybe can ill afford to abuse the government and the company.
I sometimes think what I can do for them.
I only have tiny powers.
I don’t have enough money to give such as some famous people.
But I can think, move.
I cannot do something for people evacuating directly.
At the beginning, I will pay attention to acquaintance with warmth.
My acquaintance will spread warmth for others.
I hope I will give them a little bit good feeling at the end.
Why don’t you do it with me?

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