Cleaner broke down.

Hi, I’m kawa.
What kind of a cleaner do you have?
I had a old one that is over 10 years.
The day before yesterday, I cleaned up my house.
Suddenly, my cleaner broke down.
I checked the manual, change a trash box made of paper, turn on and off many times.
But it never recover.
So, I went to buy a new cleaner yesterday.

I arrived at ‘K’s denki’ which is one of big electric chain store.
The store had so many items.
First, I tried ‘Dyson’. You know, it is the most famous cleaner company as to cyclone type.
The vocuuming power of cleaner is very strong.
But it’s too expensive. about 70,000 yen.
Next, I checked ‘Rumba’. It’s automatical vacuuming cleaner.
The cleaner is very convenient. But It can’t clean corner and narrow space in room.
I thought a wiper cleaner was all that was needed.
Eventually, I bought one of the cheapest normal cleaner. about 12,000 yen.
I stop by the ‘Mr.Max’, which is a discount store, by on the way back.
There, I found more cheaper cleaner. about 6,000 yen. Oh no…
I wished I went around many stores.
I recommend you to go around if you buy a new someting.
See you next time.

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