Hi everyone.
I’m kawa.
This time, I try to write BLOG in English.
Today, beginner’s topic was ‘risk’.
What? Are you interested in our relation? (with my wife)
No problem. Resolved! It’s a piece of cake!
I made my wife obey my rule.
(Actually, my wife made me obey her rule…)
So, back on topic. ‘risk’.
I don’t like ‘risk’.
And I’d like to be stable.

But if we would get big success, we should be risk-takers.
Unless you enter the tiger’s den, you cannot steal her cubs.
No pain, no gain.
Some female said risk management is to make a lot of boyfriends.
Oh, good idea. I try to make a lot of girlfriends.
No no, just kidding.
Oh, my god. What’ll I do if my wife check this BLOG?
… I made a new risk for my wife.
See you.

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