Magazines of 50 years old

FESS 50th Anniversary was over. Lots of OBs, OGs and instructors as well as active members participated. Approximately 70 of us were there in total. I was very happy to know they thoroughly enjoyed the reception.

By the way, we displayed a few old magazines of 1966 issues on the table beside the entrance. Did you notice them ? They were “100万人の英語”(English for Millions) and 時事英語研究.“ (The Study of Current English). K-san and I have kept them for 50 years. We had no doubt they were accepted by many then English learners, particularly students and young businessmen. Besides, the 1964 Tokyo Olympics sparked their incentive toward further studying of English. Lots of interesting, intellectual and educational topics and articles were found.
I’d like to introduce a small topic briefly shown in the1966 May issue of 時事英語研究。
At present, many of us know following two words and their usability, “imbalance” and “unbalance.” Three experts of English at that time disputed whether “unbalance” was accepted as correct English word or not. They were a professor, a famous business man and editor
of English newspaper.
Do you like to know more about the story?

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