Let’s try Facebook!!

Hi, I’m kawa.
Yesterday, three trial member come to FESS.
All of them is very young.
Average age of FESS is a little bit increasing recently.
So we are so happy, and I hope they will bring a breath of fresh air into FESS.
BTW, Have you ever try SNS(Social Network Site)?
SNS is, you know, one of communication tool on the Internet.
I started Facebook this week.
Actually I knew about Facebook. But I wouldn’t like to joint it.
Because it is necessary to register my real name.

I doubted it to protect security. (You know, I’m a chicken guy.)
But I decided to start it.
Nothing venture, nothing win!
I was so suprized. Many FESS members and teachers registered Facebook.
I chatted with some members. and I had a good time.
Let’s start Facebook if you are interested in it.
What? You still don’t hear my joke?
Sorry, I run out of ideas.
Please give me your ideas or your article!
See you next time.

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