I bought my new PC.

Good evening, I’m kawa.
Last week, I bought my new PC(you know, personal computer).
What? I beat my wife?
I bought it with my money. why didn’t she stop doing it?
Previously, I had ever built my desktop PC.
But this time, I bought BTO which is a custom order computer.
And I added some parts.
The PC has Windows 7.

Even as I was a computer programer, I had never use the Windows7.
I know that Windows after VISTA is changed to compare to XP.
(Windows was developed: XP -> VISTA -> 7)
But I had many troubles when I reused my old HDD.
Anyway, I had done setting up my new PC.
I got three machine. I would be able to try many things.
Then my wife said “Dump old one!! My house become narrowing.”
Oh no.
See you next time.

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