In a dream in a dream.

Yesterday, I was home. But my wife wasn’t there.
I found a letter on dining table.
“I can’t stand any more, you always go to FESS and enjoy
when you don’t take care of me.”
Oh, no. It’s too late.
Recently I attended a drinking party after lesson. And I don’t get enough her’s bread.
I found around my house. but I can’t find her.
I called her by mobile phone. At that time a car come to me directly.

Wow, my wife drove. “I’m sorry. Help meeeeee !!!”
Then I woke up. Oh, It was a dream. I got a relief.
But my wife wasn’t in my house. Suddenly my phone rang.
I picked up. That is my friend. I chattered about trivial matters.
And I talked about last night dream.
My friend said
“What? you kidding me. You are always alone. How can you get a girl friend?
You confuse your virtual girl on the computer with your wife? Are you OK?”
Huh? DId I got married? I might talk about virtual girl to FESS member.
I get mad? I turned on my computer.
The computer showed up so many digital girl, like hatsune miku.
Nooooo! It’ not mine. not mine! I’m not geek.
Then I woke up again. It was dawn. My wife sleep next to me.
She was snoring as usual. It was usually noisy. But It made me relief at that time.
— The End. —
produced by kawa.(This is a fictional story.)

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