Fighter’s Town in Kamagaya city

Hi, I’m kawa.
Oct 13, I went biking with my wife.
Our goal is Fighter’s Town that is a baseball minor team in Kamagaya city.
At first, My wife was reluctant to go there.
But I told her we might meet, you know, Mr.Saito as we say The Handkerchief Prince.
Then she changed her mind. I guess that’s called ‘act like a fangirl’, right?
Anyway we went there and we saw several minor baseball players.

Such as, Mr.Nakata, who is one of famous sluggers,
Mr.Yoshii, who is a coach And Mr. Kuriyama is the new manager.
Many people were waiting for Mr.Saito in the walkway between The Baseball Stadium and Dormitory.
We were also waiting for half an hour.
But we ended up not to meet Mr.Saito.
I was afraid I didn’t satisfied my wife.
In fact, my favorite team is Chiba Lotte Marines.
I betrayed them. So maybe God punished me.
Please forgive me, sir. I will never betray the favorite.
I wonder how many times I beg God.
See you next time.

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