New Year Greetings & report

New Year Greetings
I’m kawa.
I hope we will be happy and get peace in this year.
By the way, I’ve got the result of TOIEC.
I could check the end of last year.
However, I slipped my mind because, you know, I was a little bit busy.
Last new year, one of my new year resolution is to get more than 600 score at TOEIC.
Although I greet a new year, I checked the score.
Come on!

Almost! It’s close. But I can’t touch a goal for my TOEIC score._| ̄|○
(I took the test about 15 years ago. That score is 245….)
Listening score is 350.
Reading score is 235.
Hmmm, The result say FESS push up my listening score.
I can’t achieve. But I appreciate FESS.
Actually, I couldn’t finshed reading test. I left one third.
If I could read the English sentence more fast, I might achieve.
In this year, My English goal is over 700 score at TOEIC.
If I can get the score, I might open a new door for my career.
I can do it. I can do it. I can do it! Yes, we can! (well-worn cliches)
See you next time.

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