Hokekyo temple

Hi, I’m kawa.
Do you know Hokekyo temple?
Have you ever been to the temple?
Last Saturday, I had a appointment before FESS.
And had finished, I have some spare time.
So, I would go there.
I had never been there.
Actually, I didn’t know when FESS member told me the temple in this summer…

Anyway, I went and I was surprised.
What a big temple!
Temple, temple, five story temple tower, temple, …
There was many temple there.
I wander in the temple.
Then, I saw people from other countries.
I thought I got a good chance to talk to them in English.
And I approached them.
But they spoke unknown language. Not English. maybe…
So, I gave up to talk to them.
I enjoyed to spend spare time.
How about going to Hokekyo temple if you have never been there?

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