Bravo (ブラーヴォウ) 

Hello, friends.
In the 5th week of January, 2015, I had amazing and splendid experiences. I am glad I could start the year of sheep (my year) with happiness, pleasure and excitement.

At the concert named “Bouquet de Roses” held at Chiba Mihama Culture Hall., Ms. S, a FESS classmate, sang two songs from Operas. She was in two different beautiful dresses. Her artistic voice was far more than I imagined. In addition, another big surprise came when a professional tenor singer sang “Grenada.” Italian Canzone. I was sitting in the front row of the hall. Can you believe my tears were dropping from my small eyes? I was greatly touched with his majestic and magnificent singing. “Bravos” were flying all over the hall with big hands, of course. Unfortunately, I could not chant, though. Mr. K, another FESS friend, gave us the chance to attend the concert. Thank you K.-san. I must say the concert was “admission free.”
I want to say one more big surprise during the week. It was when we were talking with drinks at Yaruki bar after the class one evening. N san recited several phrases from a poem composed by an American Poet called Samuel Ullmann. The title is “Youth.” How fabulous his remembrance is ! He said the poem is very famous, but, oh my, I did not know anything about it. N san quoted this poem not suddenly but in connection with our then conversation of health, age, life, etc. The italicized sentences below are part of the poem. The phrases are very pregnant, I think.
I am very proud of friends in FESS. They are so talented and full of curiosity and knowledge. Allow me shout now “ Bravo.” ( HASHI)
Youth is not a time of life- it is a state of mind; it is a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over love ease. —–continued. Samuel Ullmann

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