Which side are you on?

Hi, I’m kawa.
Two weeks ago, I cought a cold.
I had a high fever. It’s over 38 degrees.
I had a terrible headache.
I cooked breakfast in some way.
I told my wife that I feel bad.
She understand my condition and went to work.
I stayed in bed all day while I hoped she bought a ready made food.
At night, she came home and she said
“Today, I bought three pants(trousers). These are so small price.
By the way, Why don’t you prepare a supper?”
(In case of my house, I have to make meals. It’s usually rule.)

What? I still had a high fever.
I got angry in my heart after so long.
I wished I said
“Fxxk you, bitch, I’m a bad condition. Why don’t you buy a supper?”
But I stand her attitude. And I cooked some supper.
A few days later, I asked her why you say so.
She said “Though I’m a little bit bad condition, I work every day.
You stay in my house now a day.
You should make a supper despite your condition because it’s your job.”
In case of normal family, the role must be upside-down.
But I think this is a familiar story.
How about your family case?
See you.

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