Great Workshop!

Hi, Fumi again.
We FESS are gladly tell you that we had an anniversary workshop
and a cerebrate party yesterday.
Some member might report here about the party,
so I’d like to inroduce how we had special workshop ths time…

We are the Funabashi Engish Speaking Society united 50 years ago 1966,
at Shimousa-Nakayama public space.
On this 50’s anniversary we invited Travis who is the first instructor of FESS
on 1990’s from Kyushyu where he moved on after 2000’s.
He provided us a special lesson of phonics and introduce “RAZ” via internet
for brush up your English pronounciation — for your reading skill.
It was great to have you Travis, I’m quite new in FESS but I can imagine its
old days and how FESS was belovoed.
Next, anybody please send a report to Izumi-san to introduce
how hot the reunion party was!!!

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